Home Selling

Why partner with me to sell your home?

While I’m delighted to be associated with Edina Realty, you’re not hiring a corporation. You’re hiring an individual, and you need a Realtor who will truly add value to the process—someone experienced enough to know the ropes, and yet curious and creative enough to never stop learning and innovating. When you hire me, you’ll benefit from a rare blend of experience, business savvy, creativity, and innovation. I’ll make sure your property gets the visibility it deserves in today’smarketplace.

Innovative, Cutting-Edge Marketing Techniques That Get Results

Times are changing, and old-school doesn’t cut it anymore. I’ll make sure your property gets the visibility it deserves in today’smarketplace. My innovative, cutting-edge marketing techniques get results, and I’m one of the top agents in northwest Wisconsin.

Today nearly all buyers begin their search online. That’s why it’s no longer enough to put a listing on the MLS, put up a sign, and hope for the best. I know how to leverage social media and market your home effectively on the internet, today’s #1 marketing tool.

You can find me and my listings at my real estate website and blog; on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter; here at Edina Realty and on all three of our region’s MLSs; at secondary sites like Trulia, Zillow, and Realtor.com; and more.

I’ll work hard on your behalf. Along the way, I’ll make sure your real estate experience is as fun and stress-free as possible. See recent testimonials from just a few of my delighted sellers and buyers.

Magazine-Quality Photos That Makes Your Home Stand Out From The Crowd

Buyers have lots of options; it can be tough to decide on a short list of homes they feel are worth seeing in person. Great photos, the modern version of “curb appeal,” increase the odds your home will make the cut. Other than price, it’s the #1 thing we can do to get your home noticed.

Genuine magazine-quality real estate photography requires specialized gear and techniques, and it also demands a totally different skill set from that of a local wedding photographer. We’ll use these skills to make your home look its best.

The difference isn’t just artsy or technical, and it’s a difference that really matters. Check out my listings for examples of the spectacular images, videos, and aerial drone shots that will help your property stand out from the crowd.

P.S.: My in-house photographer is my husband, photographer and author Al Cambronne.  You can visit him at AlCambronnePhoto.com and AlCambronne.com.

Strategic Pricing That Gets Your Home Sold Faster For the Best Possible Sale Price

Strategic pricing begins with serious number-crunching and a thorough, fact-based analysis of your local market. Before we can decide on a number, I need to do my homework. But when I do, there’s a very real payoff for you as a seller.

Here’s why: If our price is too low, we leave money on the table.  If our price is too high, we leave your home on the market unsold. Later, it’s likely to sell for less than it would if we priced it correctly from the start.

So instead of relying on guesswork or instinct, I prefer to help sellers make a sound, rational pricing decision that’s based on the best available information.  The result?  A strategic, fact-based listing price that helps your home get noticed and sell more quickly for the best possible sale price.

Is this your year to sell? Contact me at 218-590-6634. Or email: jeanhedren@edinarealty.com

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