NW WI Lakes & Rivers

In the drop-down menu above, you’ll find more details about featured lakes and rivers in Douglas, Bayfield, Washburn, and Sawyer Counties of NW Wisconsin.

For each body of water you’ll find vital stats, fisheries information, and a quick overview of other lake characteristics.  All fishing information and vital statistics are provided by the Wisconsin DNR.  To supplement them, I’ve added brief comments to help you find the lake that’s right for you—not for me, and not for anyone else.  For you.

(By the way, these are only a few of the most popular lakes in Northwest Wisconsin.  There are hundreds more.  If there is a specific lake you would like more information about, give me a call.)

Different people have different wants, needs, and priorities.  Some of my buyers are looking for a quiet lake.  They want paddling, fishing, wildlife, and peace and quiet.  Other buyers are looking for a full recreational lake experience.  If the waterskiing is good and neighbors are nearby to socialize with, so much the better.

Some lakes offer a near-wilderness experience that’s great for paddling, birding, and wildlife viewing.  Others are somewhere in the middle; they see more traffic, but mostly in the form of pontoons and small fishing boats.  A few of our more “urban” lakes, at least on warm summer weekends, tend to see a fair amount of boat traffic.  We all have different tastes, and different lakes offer different experiences.  I hope these descriptions will help you find the lake that’s right for you.

A note about Secchi disk readings:  Water clarity is measured by lowering these black-and-white disks into the water until they reach the maximum depth at which they’re still visible.  These readings are an average, and can vary at different times of the year.  In the shallows they can even vary slightly from one day to the next, depending on weather and wind conditions.

secchi disk

secchi disk

Lastly, keep in mind that low Secchi disk readings don’t necessarily mean a lake’s water is polluted, muddy, or filled with algae.  Certain lakes in this area are darkened by naturally ocurring tannins from bogs along the lakeshore or somewhere upstream.  Often these are some of area’s most pristine, undeveloped lakes.

For most lakes, you can also find maps and aerial photos on Google Maps or Google Earth.

Finally… To learn more about the real estate for sale in northwest Wisconsin (especially lake homes, cabins, and waterfront properties), give me a call at 218-590-6634. Or, you can reach me at jeanhedren@edinarealty.com.

P.S.: Here’s a tip for your up-north real estate search: Take time to learn more by exploring my website—especially these lake pages. Because sometimes it makes sense to first figure out which northern Wisconsin lakes seem most interesting, and then look for a cabin, lake home, or waterfront property on the lakes that are right for you.

And while lake maps and descriptions are a good start, there’s nothing like actually seeing these places in person. Be ready to drive around and stop at lots of parks and boat landings on NW WI lakes that seem promising. And don’t forget your hiking boots, road bikes, mountain bikes, canoes, kayaks, fishing boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, or whatever other gear you need to explore the way you like to explore.

It’s worth investing a few weekends in your exploring. Here in NW WI, we have plenty of resorts, lodges, hotels, motels, cabin rentals, and luxury VRBO lake homes. If you need a break from cooking, you’ll also find plenty of restaurants, cafes, taverns, and bar and grill-type places that offer great food and a fun northwoods ambience.

So welcome, and enjoy your up-north visit. If you decide you want to do more than just visit, I’ll be glad to help you find the lake home, cabin, or waterfront real estate that’s right for you.