Gordon/St Croix Flowage (Gordon, WI)

The Gordon Flowage: a paradise for anglers, waterfowlers, pontooners, birders, and paddlers. OK.  I’m biased.  I live here.  But if you’re looking for a lake that’s less developed, this might be the one.

The Gordon Flowage, also known as the Saint Croix Flowage, is one of the best-kept secrets in northwestern Wisconsin.  With its 29 miles of meandering shoreline, this 1913-acre flowage is one of the most pristine, quiet lakes remaining in the entire region.  Most of its shoreline is public land that’s unlikely to ever be developed.  It’s great that there aren’t a lot of homes or cabins here; unfortunately, that also means that fewer of them are likely to be on the market at any one time.

The Gordon Flowage has a maximum depth of 28 feet and a mean depth of 7 feet; much of it is relatively shallow.  Its water, however, is quite clear.  Secchi disk readings are generally around 8 feet.

The Flowage is a popular, year-round destination for anglers.  You’re most likely to catch sunfish, crappies, northern pike, and largemouth bass.  The Flowage also contains smaller numbers of muskies and smallmouth bass.

Most of the Gordon Flowage is relatively wild and undeveloped; if you’re stealthy enough, you’ll see abundant birds and wildlife.

Just minutes away, you’ll find dozens more rivers and lakes.  You’ll also be close to trails and abundant public land.  Just off US 53; 40 minutes from Superior or Spooner.

There aren’t a lot of sandy beaches on the Flowage, and it’s not great for waterskiing, jet skis, or high-speed boating.  It’s fine, though, for pontoons, fishing boats, and canoes or kayaks.  If you prefer eagles, loons, and otters to PWCs and water skis, then this is the lake for you.
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