Whitefish Lake (Wascott, Wisconsin)

Compared to most other lakes in northwestern Wisconsin, 832-acre Whitefish  Lake is different in two ways.  First, although a number of fine homes have been built on the lake, special shoreland zoning ordinances have done much to preserve the lake’s natural and scenic beauty.  From nearly anywhere on this lake, you can look out over a huge expanse of water whose shore appears largely uninhabited.  The lake is wild enough, in fact, so that eagles and loons are spotted frequently.

Second, Whitefish Lake is deep, cold, and clear.  According to the DNR, it has a maximum depth of 102’ and a mean depth of 30 feet.  Over 60% of the lake is deeper than 20’, and less than 4% is less than 3’ deep.  Secchi disk readings average 22 to 23’.  The littoral bottom is over 95% sand; most of the remainder is rock rubble.

Whitefish Lake boasts an unusual two-story fishery, with warm-water species in shallow areas and trout in the depths.  In recent years, the lake has yielded a number of trophy-class pike, walleye, largemouth, smallmouth, and trout (both brown and rainbow).  The lake also contains bluegills, rock bass, perch, white suckers, and creek chubs.

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