Callahan/Mud Lakes (Hayward, Wisconsin)

These two lakes are located due east of Hayward, just east of Round Lake, north of the Chippewa Flowage, and south of the Tiger Cat Flowage.  Although the two lakes are separately named, it’s difficult to tell where one begins and the other ends.

Together, Callahan Lake and Mud Lake cover just under 500 acres.  They have a shoreline of 8.3 acres, a maximum depth of 18 feet, and secchi disk readings of around 11 feet.  Most of the area covered by Mud and Callahan Lakes, however, is much shallower.  In them, you’ll find muskies, largemouth bass, and panfish.  The only public access is via a resort on Callahan Lake and a landing at the north end of Mud Lake.

Large stretches of the shoreline are low-lying wetlands that are unlike to ever be developed.  That, along with the meandering shoreline and lack of high-speed boat traffic, give this lake a remote, up-north sort of feeling.  There aren’t, however, all that many homes or buildable lots on Callahan Lake or Mud Lake.  When they do come on the market, they’re in a variety of sizes and prices.

Note: Just to the south and on the other side of Highway B, you’ll find the much smaller Reed Lake.  It’s not connected to Mud/Callahan Lakes by a navigable channel.

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