Ghost Lake (Hayward, Wisconsin)

This 372 acre lake is the smallest of Sawyer County’s three Quiet Lakes: Lost Land Lake, Teal Lake, and Ghost Lake.  All three have have a 10 mph speed limit, prohibiting water skiing and jet skiing.  Lost Land Lake and Teal Lake are connected by a navigable channel; if you’re on either of those lakes, you’ll have over 2,350 acres and 21 miles of shoreline to explore. (With a small boat or paddle craft, you can also explore the Teal River Flowage for about two miles before it narrows down into the Teal River.)

Ghost Lake, however, is not connected to the other two lakes.  It’s also different in other ways.  Most of the lake remains undeveloped.  There’s a resort and a few cabins at the southern end of the lake, but they very rarely come on the market.  I’ve only included this lake on my website because it’s often mentioned in connection with Lost Land Lake and Teal Lake.

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