Lake Hayward (Hayward, Wisconsin)

This 247-acre lake is located right in Hayward, Wisconsin.  Even without seeing this aerial, that fact alone tells you that Hayward Lake will have a more urban feel than most lakes in the area.  But if you’d like to be up north, live on a lake, and still have shopping, restaurants, and entertainment all within blocks (or at most a mile or two, depending on what part of the lake you live on), then this just might be the lake for you.

Hayward Lake is relatively deep and clear.  It has a shoreline of 8.46 miles, a maximum depth of 17 feet, and secchi disk readings of around 15 feet.  In it, you’ll find muskies, northerns, walleyes, largemouth bass, and panfish.  Public access is via a boat landing near the dam at the lake’s western end.  Nearby, there’s also a great swimming beach.  During the off season, the lake is often surprisingly quiet.

With the exception of Hayward’s downtown and a couple of low-lying marshy areas farther up the lake, nearly all of Lake Hayward’s shoreline is dotted with cabins and lake homes that are available in a range of sizes and prices.  Because most of the buildable shoreline has already been developed, it’s quite rare that vacant lots become available on this lake.

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