Lake Windigo (Hayward, Wisconsin)

This 522-acre lake is one of the most sought-after in this part of Sawyer County.  Often overshadowed by its larger neighbors Grindstone Lake and Lac Court Orielles (pronounced “la couderay,” and also known as just plain LCO for short), it’s smaller, quieter, and less heavily developed.

Windigo Lake has a meandering shoreline of 9.0 miles, a maximum depth of 51 feet, and secchi disk readings of around 10 feet.  In it, you’ll find northerns, walleyes, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and panfish.

Windigo has a complex shape, with lots of bays, peninsulas, and small islands.  That, along with long stretches of shoreline that remain undeveloped, give this lake a near-wilderness feel.

Expect, however, to pay a premium for that sort of experience; of the few lake homes and cabins that become available on Windigo, most are in the middle and upper price ranges.

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