Tiger Cat Flowage (Hayward, Wisconsin)

Tiger Cat Flowage is a chain of lakes that together cover 1,065 acres and have a meandering shoreline of 29.69 miles.  The Tiger Cat Flowage is located east of Hayward, and in between Round Lake and the Spider Lake Chain.  Named lakes in the Tiger Cat Flowage include McClaine Lake, Upper Twin Lake, Lower Twin Lake, Burns Lake, and Placid Lake.  Navigable channels allow paddlecraft and small fishing boats to reach all of the lakes on the chain.  (Please note, however, that Clear Lake, located just south of Burns Lake, is not actually part of the chain.)

In the Tiger Cat Flowage, you’ll find muskies, northerns, walleyes, bass, and panfish.  Although maximum depths are over 30 feet, average depths in most of the chain’s lakes are relatively shallow.  Secchi disk readings are usually around 10 feet.  Public access is available via multiple boat landings and resorts.

Cabins and lake homes are available on the Tiger Cat Flowage in a wide range of sizes and prices.  On most of its lakes, large stretches of the shoreline remain undeveloped.  Plus, most of these lakes are small, dotted with islands and shallows, and better for fishing or paddling than for waterskiing or jetskiing.  That makes the Tiger Cat Flowage a relatively quiet alternative.

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