Shell Lake (Shell Lake, Wisconsin)

Shell Lake, which lies at the eastern edge of the City of Shell Lake, is a fairly large, open lake that covers 2,580 acres.  It has a shoreline of 10.2 miles, a maximum depth of 36 feet, a mean depth of 23 feet, and secchi disk readings of around 12 feet.

In Shell Lake, you’ll find muskies, northerns, walleyes, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and panfish.  Public access is from several different boat landings, and the lake is also popular with recreational boaters and waterskiers.

Nearly all of Shell Lake is ringed with cabins and lake homes, most of which have sandy waterfronts that are good for swimming.

As you might expect, Shell Lake has a more “urban” feel than most lakes in this area.  Still, because it’s such a large, deep, cold lake that’s good for recreational boating (and also quite scenic, especially when the wind is whipping up whitecaps), most homes and cabins on Shell Lake are in the middle and upper price ranges.  Because most of the lake has been developed for quite some time, it’s rare that buildable lots come on the market.  I did, however, sell one a few years back.

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