Bird’s-Eye View of NW Wisconsin’s Upper Brule River

On his way home from a couple of real estate photography drone missions, my husband stopped the other day at Stone’s Bridge Landing to capture this aerial footage of the upper Brule River. 

Al insists it was work-related, and that he wasn’t just hanging out by the river chatting with steelhead fishermen, flying his drone back and forth, and watching the aquatic vegetation wave gently in the current.  

But I’m skeptical.  You’ll see why when you watch this video.  I mean, you can look up and down the river for miles and not see a single house.  Where’s all that Northwest Wisconsin real estate we’re supposed to be selling?

Oh, well.  The leaves were just beginning to turn, and it was a beautiful fall day on one of America’s premiere trout streams.  If you watch carefully in the low-altitude scenes, you’ll spot a couple of trout rising to the surface.  Check it out.

Brule, WI: A Great Town on a Great River

Brule, WI: A Great Town on a Great River
I’ve recently listed this charming two-bedroom home on a large lot in a quiet corner of Brule, Wisconsin. Brule is a small NW WI town within easy half hour commuting distance of Duluth, Superior, or Ashland. It’s a perfect home base for anyone who loves the outdoors; it’s near Brule River State Park, the North Country Hiking Trail, thousands of miles of other trails and back roads, hundreds of lakes and rivers, Lake Superior (which people around here sometimes just call “the big lake), and of course… the Brule River itself.
The Brule is world-famous for its trout fishing and whitewater paddling. Half a dozen presidents have fished here, and Calvin Coolidge spent the entire summer of 1928 here. Maybe it’s time you check out Brule, too—the river, the town, and this log home on Spruce Avenue, and now with an appealing new price – $143,900.

Log home near Brule River

World-class trout fishing on the Brule RiverBrule River

Spring has arrived in Brule, WI. Time to hit the deck!

Spring has arrived in Brule, WI. Time to hit the deck!

Spring is here, and it’s time to hit the deck and relax outdoors. Here’s another in a continuing series of “hit the deck” posts—this time from a home I’m currently listing in a quiet corner of Brule, WI.

To learn more about this home, please visit my Edina Realty website.

14060 Spruce Ave, Brule, WI

14060 Spruce Ave, Brule, WI 





More Scenes from the Brule River

More Scenes from the Brule

To follow up on my previous post, here are a few more springtime scenes from the Brule river. Enjoy! And if you’d like to live just a few blocks from the river, right in the small town of Brule, Wisconsin, then check out this two-bedroom home on Spruce Avenue, Brule, WI.

BR 32 map brule at hwy 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

An introduction to the Brule River in NW Wisconsin

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a video of the Brule River. Notice the ice shelves still remaining along the shoreline? What some people won’t do to have a good time! That water looks cold, but apparently the fancy neoprene waders make fishing in these temperatures halfway comfortable.

P.S. If you’d like to live just a few blocks from the river, right in the small town of Brule, WI, then check out this two-bedroom log home on Spruce Ave. It has two fireplaces – just in case you’d rather relax by the fire than wade around in rapidly flowing ice water all day. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

About the Bois Brule River in Douglas County Wisconsin

The Bois Brule River Valley and the upper St. Croix River valley were carved by melt water flowing south from glacial Lake Superior and the surrounding uplands. When the glaciers receded, a divide was formed from which the Brule and St. Croix Rivers flow today in opposite directions. A portage was established between these two rivers, connecting Lake Superior and the Mississippi River watersheds. It was used by early native people and later by European explorers, traders, trappers, and missionaries.

Today, the Brule offers world-class trout fishing and some of the best paddling in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.

Bois Brule map - Southern region

Bois Brule map - Southern region

Visit the Wisconsin DNR website for more information and canoe/kayak maps.

Lakes and Streams in the Northwest Corner of Northwest Wisconsin

Lakes and Streams in the Northwest Corner of Northwest Wisconsin

As I’ve noted elsewhere, the northwest corner of northwest Wisconsin is somewhat less known.  In the minds of many vacationers and home buyers from the Twin Cities, Eau Claire, or Chicago, there’s a large blank area on the map of Wisconsin; it extends all the way from Duluth to Hayward.  It’s time to fill in the blank.

This truly is corner of Northern Wisconsin with many roads less traveled.  That’s one reason you may be able to get more for your money here in Douglas County, western Bayfield County, and northern Washburn County.  In many cases, the same dollars will get you more home, more cabin, more shoreline on a clear, deep lake, or more acres of great hunting land.

I’d like to help my clients, both present and future, learn more about the undiscovered and under-rated northwestern corner of northwestern Wisconsin.  Who knows?  Maybe someday we’ll become neighbors.

To help you begin your search, I’m gathering essential information about the specific lakes and rivers in this area.  (I’m also, by the way, gathering helpful information about the communities of Gordon, Wascott, Solon Springs, Barnes, and Minong.)

An Overview of The Lakes And Streams in Northwestern Northwest Wisconsin

In this part of Wisconsin, you’ll find a wide range of lakes and streams.  The largest lakes include the Gordon-Saint Croix Flowage (1,913 acres),the Minong Flowage (1,564 acres), Upper Saint Croix Lake (855 acres), Whitefish Lake (Bardon) (832 acres), and the Upper, Middle, and Lower Eau Claire Lakes (996, 902, and 802 acres).  If none of those are big enough to suit your taste, there’s always Lake Superior. Although larger lakes are often seen as more desirable; smaller lakes have a charm all their own.

Our best-known rivers include the St Croix, Namekagon, Totagatic, and Brule. The first three are all part of America’s wild and scenic river system.  The Brule is world-famous for its trout fishing and whitewater paddling.  We also have dozens of smaller trout streams that so far are less famous.

For most people, these rivers and streams are just one more recreational opportunity that’s nearby.  Riverfront properties do occasionally become available, however.

I live near Gordon on the 1,913-acre Gordon-St Croix Flowage; it’s in the southern part of Douglas County.  For my husband and I, it was the perfect lake.  But the lake that’s right for us might not be the one that’s right for you.

To see maps for dozens more, you can visit the Wisconsin DNR website.  For most lakes, you can also find maps and aerial photos on Google Maps or Google Earth.

Finally, there’s one more resource that I highly recommend, even to clients who have no interest in fishing.  It’s Sportsman’s Connection’s Northwest Wisconsin Fishing Map Guide, Northern Region: Lake Maps and Fishing Information for Bayfield, Douglas, Sawyer, and Washburn Counties.  For only $21.95, you can order a copy of this handy, 200-page reference directly from Sportsman’s Connection; the company also offers PDF downloads of individual lakes for three or four dollars each; the price depends on the size of the lake.  (If you’re in the area, you can also find the guidebook at most bait shops, bookstores, and sporting good stores.  We’ve even seen it for sale at stores in the Twin Cities.)

This resource provides detailed contour maps, fisheries information, and vital stats like size, shoreline length, maximum depth, mean depth, bottom type, water clarity, and lots more—and for over 175 different lakes in Bayfield, Douglas, Sawyer and Washburn Counties.  If you study each lake’s description and read between the lines, you’ll also be able to infer a great deal about other lake characteristics.