6 ways to make a great first home selling impression

You won’t have a second chance to make a good first impression. When everything in the front of the house is in perfect repair, buyers will think your house is obviously well cared for. 

  • Your front door can be your home’s focal point. Replace an old door with peeling paint or dated hardware with a new steel door. Or, salvage the door with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. Satin nickel, black, and bronze are the trends.
  • Wash windows inside and out and remove screens for added sparkle.
  • A garage can make a big impact. Replace or paint the door.
  • Don’t overlook the front porch. It’s an iconic symbol of American living. Stage a rocking chair or outdoor table and chairs.
  • Driveway. Repair cracks and clean up oil stains. If budget allows resurface the driveway.
  • After dark. Portable outdoor lights aimed at the house or a beautiful tree offers a low-cost, high-impact effect.

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Winter curb appeal tips for NW Wisconsin home sellers

Those of us that live in Northwestern Wisconsin know that this is an area of great beauty in all four seasons. When selling your home in winter, paying attention to a few outside details can really make a big difference. Here are some ideas.

  1. christmas-1463712_640Add splashes of bright colors. Plants, grasses, and evergreens can spruce up a home’s winter landscape. Tall grasses, such as fountain grasses, can survive harsh winters. And in late fall and early winter, plants from the cabbage family add vibrant purples. A red door or red trim will stand out in a snowy landscape.
  2. Give it seasonal sparkle. Transform a birdbath or fountain into a seasonal display by adding twigs with red berries. Large shiny ornaments in a garden can provide an inviting holiday note.
  3. Bright lights. Use clear floodlights to focus on the home’s front entrance or architectural feature. Add a few lights along the driveway to welcome the way.
  4. Remove snow. Make sure the snow is shoveled from the driveway and walkway before showing time, And, make sure exterior steps are free of snow.
  5. Show off the lake and lifestyle. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t use the deck. Shovel your backyard sitting area and leave your grill uncovered so buyers can envision themselves using the deck or lakeside patio.
  6. A Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Add a small pine tree on the front porch or near the front entrance to the house with a simple strand or two of twinkle lights.
  7. Create a photo display of sunnier days. Show buyers what the outside of the home looks like during other seasons by displaying some landscape photos in frames or using a digital photo frame with a slide show of images.

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