Why buy hunting land in NW Wisconsin?

It’s true.  There’s a lot of public land up here in Northwestern Wisconsin.  We have state forests, county forests, and lots of paper company land that’s open to hunting.  But the problem, of course, with hunting on public land is that it’s PUBLIC land.  You could end up having a lot of company out there.

We get inquiries about hunting land all year round.  It seems like a lot of them, however, come during the late summer and early fall.  We then get another wave of calls immediately after deer season.  Typically, they’re from someone who’s had a frustrating experience hunting on public land.  Or, sometimes people already own land as part of a partnership or group arrangement.  For one reason or another, they’ve decided it’s time to move on.

Some hunters might choose to spend their money on guided hunts out west, or somewhere in Canada or Alaska.  They hunt somewhere different every year.  I’ve heard it can be a great experience; if that’s for you, then great.  But when you get back, all that’s left is the experience.

Some people see hunting land as a good long-term investment.  If you do, keep in mind that it’s a long-term investment.

But the best reason of all to own hunting land up north is to enjoy a different kind of experience.  Owning and belonging are part of that—being able to improve the land and do whatever you want with it.  I’ve talked with some hunters who seem to enjoy planting and maintaining their food plots as much as they enjoy the actual hunting.  And if you own enough land, it may improve your odds.  Maybe you’ll see more deer, or larger deer with larger antlers.

Most of all, however, owning your own hunting land is all about having a quiet, undisturbed hunting experience.  It’s guaranteed, and you can count on it.

That sort of experience is, as they say in the Visa ads….  Priceless.

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20 helpful articles to help you buy a lake home or cabin in NW Wisconsin

Thinking about buying a lake home or cabin in NW Wisconsin this year? There are many excellent properties to choose from on a variety of lake types and sizes, and many are offered at exceptional values.

Nelson Lake cabin

The following articles offer a wide variety of topics to consider as you choose the lake and home that’s just right for you. The following articles can be found in the Buyers drop- down tab above.

  1. Getting started
  2. Choosing the lake or water type that’s right for you
  3. How does water get into your lake?
  4. Recreational activities
  5. Your ideal lake home or cabin style and condition
  6. Lake frontage and shoreland zoning
  7. Wisconsin’s pier regulations
  8. Beauty or price
  9. Critical habitat designations – how the process works
  10. Critical habitat designations – what are they and how do they affect you?
  11. Critical habitat designations – how they affect waterfront owners
  12. Critical habitat designations – why they’re usually a plus
  13. Critical habitat designations – local examples from the Minong Flowage
  14. Viewing lake properties
  15. What you can learn from our dashes back to the city
  16. Shoreland zoning regulations NR 115
  17. Aquatic invasive species
  18. Is a smaller lake right for you?
  19. What your should know about wells
  20. Types of septic systems

Check out the Lakes and Rivers of NW Wisconsin tab above to learn about many of the clear, deep lakes in Douglas, Bayfield, Washburn, and Sawyer counties.

Have other questions? Give me a call. I’ll be happy to help.

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SOLD:  Minong Flowage 3 bedroom gem.  16747 S Eagle Point Rd, Wascott, WI

Just sold this beautiful Minong Flowage 3 bedroom home. 16747 S Eagle Point Rd, Wascott, WI

Year round 3 bedroom, 3 bath home with 241′ of sandy frontage on full recreation Minong Flowage.

More details and photos: 16747 S Eagle Point Rd, Wascott, WI

This gorgeous 3+ bedroom home on one of NW Wisconsin’s most popular lakes offers mail level living with large living room, kitchen, dining, master suite, office, guest bedroom, bathroom, and screen porch. Additional living and sleeping space in the full lower level walkout. Enjoy sunset views on this 1564-acre, full recreation lake.

3 Bedroom home on Minong Flowage

16747 S Eagle Point Rd, Wascott, WI

Minong Flowage home

16747 S Eagle Point Rd, Wascott, WI

1564-acre Minong Flowage, a full recreation, clear NW Wisconsin lake with 21′ maximum depth, is connected by channel to 172-acre Cranberry Lake. Click the link for more information about Minong Flowage/Cranberry Lake.

Wascott, WI is an hour from Superior/Duluth, 1.5 hours from Eau Claire, and 2.5 hours from Minneapolis/St Paul.

Check out this property and available homes for sale on the Minong Flowage/Cranberry Lake. www.JeanHedren.com. Jean Hedren, Realtor, Edina Realty.

Today’s sandy lake bottom comes with 15 private acres and beautiful chalet on Crotty Lake, Wascott, WI.

15 private acres and nearly 800′ of sandy lake frontage: 10058 E Landmeier Rd, Wascott, WI. $315,000.

Your up north year round getaway is located on 15 acres with end-of-road privacy. Nearly 800′ of level sandy frontage on a clear Crotty Lake.

More details: Crotty Lake chalet for sale.

Homes and cabins on the Eau Claire Chain of Lakes, Gordon and Barnes Wisconsin

The Eau Claire chain includes Lower, Middle, and Upper Eau Claire, plus a few smaller lakes of 80-200 acres that are accessible by smaller boats at most water levels.  These include Bony, Pickerel, Robinson, Birch, Schunenberg, Smith, and Sweet.  From Lower Eau Claire, the Eau Claire River flows westward, passing just south of Eau Claire Acres.  Farther downstream, it joins the Saint Croix at Gordon.

The lakes in the Eau Claire chain tend to be deeper and clearer than most lakes in the area.  (Eau Claire, as you may have guessed, is French for “Clear Water.”)  In them, you’ll find muskies, walleye, northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappies, bluegills, and perch.  Here are some vital statistics for the three largest lakes:

·      Lower Eau Claire: 802 acres, 7.78 miles of shoreline, maximum depth 41’, 56% greater than 20’ deep, and 4% less than 3’ deep.

·      Middle Eau Claire: 902 acres, 11 miles of shoreline, maximum depth 66’, 40% greater than 20’ deep, and 12% less than 3’ deep.

·      Upper Eau Claire: 992 acres, 9.93 miles of shoreline, maximum depth 92’, 50% greater than 20’ deep, and 4% less than 3’ deep.

More About the Area

Located in the heart of a recreational paradise.  In addition to the Eau Claire river and chain of lakes, you’ll be close to dozens of other lakes and streams that are great for fishing, boating, paddling, and waterfowling.  You’re just minutes from the Brule, the Namekagon, and the Saint Croix Wild and Scenic Riverway.

Nearby, you’ll find trails for ATVing, snowmobiling, biking, hiking, and skiing.  The area is great for both road and mountain biking, and is home to events like the American Birkebeiner and Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival.  You’ll be surrounded by vast areas of public and paper company land that’s open to hunting, hiking, birding, and other recreation.

You can shop for essentials in nearby Barnes, Gordon, or Solon Springs; it’s not much farther to Cable, Hayward, Drummond, or Ashland.  It’s about an hour to Superior or Duluth, and about 2 ½ hours to the Twin Cities.

Looking for a lake home or cabin on one of the Eau Claire Lakes?  Jean Hedren, Edina Realty, Eau Claire Lakes homes.

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100′ of gorgeous level sandy swimming frontage with this 3 BR Lake Nebagamon home. 11483 E Wangerin Rd, Lake Nebagamon, WI.

3 BR Year round Lake Nebagamon home with 100′ of gorgeous level sandy swimming frontage. 11483 E Wangerin Rd, Lake Nebagamon, WI. 

Comfortable, sunny, year round home with level swimming lake frontage. A beautiful spot on this premier, full recreation lake. Only a half hour from Superior/Duluth.

11483 E Wangerin Rd, Lake Nebagamon, WI

11483 E Wangerin Rd, Lake Nebagamon, WI

11483 E Wangerin Rd, Lake Nebagamon, WI

11483 E Wangerin Rd, Lake Nebagamon, WI

New price: 10058 E Landmeier Rd, Wascott, WI. Private 15 acres on Crotty Lake

New Price: 10058 E Landmeier Rd, Wascott, WI. $315,000.

Your up north year round getaway is located on 15 acres with end-of-road privacy. Nearly 800′ of level sandy frontage on a clear Crotty Lake.

More details: Crotty Lake chalet for sale.

Crotty Lake

10058 E Landmeier Rd, Wascott, WI


10058 E Landmeier Rd, Wascott, WI

10058 E Landmeier Rd, Wascott, WI

10058 E Landmeier Rd, Wascott, WI

10058 E Landmeier Rd, Wascott, WI

3 Great Gordon gravel bike routes videos. Think Spring and great outdoor biking in NW Wisconsin

Enjoy three videos of bike routes in Gordon Wisconsin recreation area. Outdoor biking season begins soon.

  • Burma Rd,
  • Crotte Brook Rd,
  • Twin Bridges Rd.

Near the End of St Croix Rd and the Beginning of St Croix River, Gordon, WI

saint-croix-river-1-copyright-jean-hedren.jpgI’m excited about this new listing just upstream from Gordon, Wisconsin. It’s a rare opportunity—a perfect building site located on a hidden, little-known stretch of the Saint Croix River.

For almost two miles the river widens, slows, and is navigable by pontoons and small fishing boats. There’s almost no current, and fishing pressure is relatively light. Downstream, the river narrows, quickens, and then flows under U.S. 53 and into the Gordon/St Croix Flowage. Upstream, it’s narrower and shallower, too. But for canoeists and kayakers looking for a workout, it’s possible to paddle upstream all the way to Solon Springs. With a short portage, it’s also possible to paddle up Ox Creek into Lower Ox Lake.

This stretch of the river is relatively quiet—unless, as on this particular afternoon, there’s a flock of trumpeter swans in the front yard. They don’t call them trumpeters for nothing.

Trumpeter swans

Below, I’ve included a few more photos. If you like what you see, and if you’d like to see this view out your front window every day, then give me a call. Jean Hedren, Edina Realty, Gordon, WI. 218-590-6634.

For more details and photos of this property: 0 St Croix Rd, Gordon, WI. 


Behold the Garabin Cabin…

When is a garage not a garage? When it’s been converted into a cabin. Hence the term “garabin.” As utilitarian as the idea might sound, some of these conversions can be quite charming.

Every now and then families build garages before they even break ground for their cabin or lake home. Typically it happens when they’ve decided to spend their weekends up north in a camper or RV while they save for something more permanent. Meanwhile, they want storage. When their plans change, one option is to convert the garage into a garabin.

Some conversions are total makeovers—four-season insulation and heating, full plumbing and electricity, and garage door openings that have been filled in and replaced with “normal” doors and windows. The only visible clue to these cabins’ humble garage origins is that they perfectly match the footprint of a two, three, or four-car garage.

Other conversions retain one or more of their original garage-door openings. With gigantic floor-to-ceiling screen windows, their owners can enjoy a great indoor-outdoor summertime cabin experience. Then, when they pack up and head home on Sunday night, they can roll down the garage doors, lock the other doors, and feel confident their garabin will be safe and secure until they return.

Ironically, many garabin owners end up building a garage or pole barn so they’ll have more storage up at the cabin. And later, if they eventually build a larger cabin or lake home on the same lot, they can always use their garabin as a guest cabin.

By the way… I just happen to be listing this lovely garabin cabin on Catherine Lake in Solon Springs. It comes with a large pole building, 2.94 wooded acres, a great view of Catherine Lake, and a whopping 750’ of peninsular frontage—all of it level sand shoreline that’s perfect for swimming. To learn more, and to see more photos of this charming garabin and its beachfront, please visit Catherine Lake Garabin.  Jean Hedren, Edina Realty.


11564 Steinhilpert
Solon Springs, WI 54873
  Bedrooms: 1 Sq. Feet: 768  
  Bathrooms: 1 Year Built: 1999  
MLS#: RANWW889843
Click Here to get more details on this property
Beautiful, private 2.94 acre setting on a point with spectacular lake and wildlife views. Gentle elevation to sandy beach shoreline. Perfect swimming spot and great fishing too. Cabin is a converted garage very well maintained. New 40×30 pole building with plenty of storage. There is a level building site for a future home or cabin. Strategic location in Barnes lakes and recreation area; close to many lakes, trails, and hunting land. Turnkey. Half hour to Hayward, 1 hour to Superior/Duluth.
Jean Hedren
Phone: 218.590.6634

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