Cabin fever???

It’s been a cold winter here in NW Wisconsin. If you’re experiencing a little cabin fever, and if you’ve been thinking of looking for a place up north, maybe now’s the time. 

Sure, you could wait until May or June. But we have some good values on the market right now here in NW Wisconsin. By starting your search now, you’ll have time to find what you’re looking for, buy it, and close. You’ll be able to get moved, unpacked, and settled in time for some great fishing, boating, swimming, or any other summertime lake activity you most enjoy.

If you’ve got cabin fever, it’s time to start looking for a cabin or lake home here on any of the clear lakes here in Douglas, Washburn, Bayfield, or Sawyer County. If you want to know more about any of the wonderful lakes in NW Wisconsin, check out the Lakes and Rivers of NW Wisconsin tab above.

If you’re thinking of selling, why wait until May or June to put your home on the market? In NW Wisconsin, the real estate market usually gets going in spring. Buyers are already starting to look now. If you’d like to know what your property is worth in today’s market, call Jean Hedren, Edina Realty, NW Wisconsin. 218-590-6634.

How to Prepare for House Hunting

Know that there’s no “right” time to buy.
If you find the perfect home now, don’t risk losing it because you’re trying to guess where the housing market and interest rates are going. Those factors usually don’t change fast enough to make a difference in an individual home’s price.

Don’t ask for too many opinions. 
It’s natural to want reassurance for such a big decision, but too many ideas from too many people will make it much harder to make a decision. Focus on the wants and needs of the people who will actually be living in the home.

Accept that no house is ever perfect.
If it’s in the right location, the yard may be a bit smaller than you had hoped. The kitchen may be perfect, but the roof needs repair. Make a list of your top priorities and focus in on things that are most important to you. Let the minor ones go. Also, accept that a little buyer’s remorse is inevitable and will most likely pass.

Don’t try to be a killer negotiator.
Negotiation is definitely a part of the real estate process, but trying to “win” by getting an extra-low price or refusing to budge may cost you the home you love. 

Remember your home doesn’t exist in a vacuum.
Don’t get so caught up in the physical aspects of the house itself that you forget about important issues such as noise level, access to amenities, and other aspects that also have a big impact on your quality of life. 

Plan ahead.
Don’t wait until you’ve found a home to get approved for a mortgage, investigate insurance, or consider a moving schedule. Being prepared will make your bid more attractive to sellers. 

Choose a home first because you love it; then think about appreciation.
A home is still considered a great investment, but its most important role is as a comfortable, safe place to live.

From the National Association of Realtors.

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Think outside the cabin box.

Maybe you’re thinking of buying a cabin up here in Northwestern Wisconsin.  And maybe, it could be that using or living in your cabin year-round is part of your long-range plan.

Your plan might be a good one.  But be realistic about whether your cabin is a three-season, 3.5 season, or four-season cabin.  In some cases, insulation upgrades and retrofits can be tough. If you are financing the purchase, lenders can be very specific about the type of cabin they will finance. Generally, they won’t finance a three-season cabin. But talk to your lender about what they can finance.

Be realistic, too, about how big that cabin is.  Even if it’s great for a long weekend, is it really big enough for seven days a week, twelve months a year?  Can even two people live in it without getting cabin fever?  Is there storage room?

Next, think outside the cabin box.  Can a new garage with a shop and extra storage solve those problems?  Can you add on?  (Don’t forget, though, to check your local zoning and waterfront setback regulations.  They could limit your options.)

I’d be glad to help you find a cabin for now—and maybe even for later.  And maybe your current cabin is the best long-term solution.  But if trading up is an even better solution, give me a call.  I can help you sell your current cabin and help you find a lake home that’s just right.

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D9 lake cabin renovation and guest cabins

As certain lakes in Northwestern Wisconsin become upscale “destination” lakes, many of their original cabins are being razed to make room for larger lake homes.  This has ushered in the era of “D9 renovation,” so named for one of the largest bulldozer models available from Caterpillar.

If you’re contemplating this sort of transformation, keep in mind that you may be able to have your cake and eat it, too.  If there’s room, you may be able to build the lake home of your dreams AND keep that quaint old cabin.  With a few upgrades, it could make a great guest cabin.


In some cases, local zoning regulations could limit the number of structures that can be built on your property.  Even this, however, isn’t necessarily an obstacle.  If your lot is large enough, you may be able to have it resurveyed so that it’s considered two lots rather than one.

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Calling all cartographers. Updated mapping tools on home search

Calling all cartographers. Updated mapping tools on home search

In your map search for homes in NW Wisconsin, a new layers feature shows zip codes, neighborhoods, parcel lines, cities, and counties. Simply select the layers icon at the top of the map search, then choose the layer you’d like shown on the map.

Layers show zip codes, cities, counties, parcel lines, more

Layers show zip codes, cities, counties, parcel lines, more

This layer shows neighborhoods.

This layer shows neighborhoods.

Edit a polygon. Now you can edit a polygon to draw in the exact region you want. Enter the city name, for example Gordon, WI. A polygon of the city limits appears. Click on the purple polygon line and modify  it using a mouse.

Search for your NW Wisconsin home by map at

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Modify the city polygon

Modify the city polygon