The Source of the Saint Croix River (Solon Springs, WI)

Near Solon Springs, Wisconsin, the Saint Croix River begins as a small creek flowing from a wetland area just north of Upper Saint Croix Lake. From this same wetland, another small stream flows northward toward Lake Superior. That trickle eventually becomes the Brule River, a world-famous destination for paddlers and anglers.

Imagine a single raindrop that falls precisely in the center of this headwaters area and strikes the edge of a certain alder leaf. After the raindrop splits in two, its northern half travels down the Brule and through all of the Great Lakes before eventually ending up in the Atlantic. Its southern half travels down the Saint Croix River and the Mississippi all the way to Gulf of Mexico. (In theory. In reality, of course, it’s all one big sponge that leaks from both ends.)

The best way to explore this special place without becoming trapped in hip-deep mud while being attacked by bloodthirsty mosquitos? Dress warmly and hike in on a January morning when the temperature is below zero. Or, if that’s not for you, then just sit back and enjoy the video.

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Scenes from Upper St Croix Lake, Solon Springs, WI

Upper Saint Croix Lake marks the headwaters of the Saint Croix River.

On the west side of this 855-acre lake, you’ll find the village of Solon Springs. Many of these scenes are from the Lucius Woods County Park, located right in Solon Springs. Others are from various Solon Springs boat landings. In one scene from the lake’s northeast corner, you’ll se a bald eagle glide into view and land in a pine tree. And no, we didn’t forget to turn off the faucet. At that same park, you’ll find delicious, ice-cold spring water gushing year-round from a natural artesian well.

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St Croix River Headwaters, Solon Springs, Douglas County WI

The entire St Croix River headwaters area is almost 280 square miles, which includes about 16 square miles of lake area. The headwaters is upstream from the St Croix National Scenic Riverway and includes the St Croix Flowage in Gordon, an 8-mile segment of the St Croix River, the Upper St Croix Lake, the Eau Claire River, and the Eau Claire Lake Chain.

Upper St Croix Lake, an 855-acre lake, is located in south central Douglas County and is the headwaters of the St. Croix River. Some 14 small inlets bring cool water into the lake’s 22-foot depths along with a variety of aquatic species. Natural reproduction is good for Walleye and Northern Pike, and Walleye numbers are often bolstered with stockings by the DNR. The lake supports good fishery for Walleye and Northern, as well as for Largemouth Bass and Panfish. There are even a few Brook and Brown Trout.

Walleye are popular in the Spring and Fall. There are 10 public landings. The lake is only a few blocks east of the village of Solon Springs where groceries, tackle, hardware, and brew are readily available.

Nearby there are vast areas of public land; numerous lakes, streams, trails, and golf courses are just minutes away. You’ll also find great hunting, hiking, biking, skiing, snowmobiling, ATVing, and more.

It’s an easy half hour commute from Duluth-Superior; just 2.5 hours from the Twin Cities. Less than 2 miles from Hwy 53.